The Nee Tree
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The Low Branch

David Low was born 15 September 1780 in Orange County, North Carolina and died 21 March 1872 in Bedford County, Tennessee.  He married Elender Robertson, daugther of Elisha Robertson and Mary Burrough.  She was born 28 November 1792 in North Carolina and died 20 October 1873 in Bedford County, Tennessee.

The children of David Low and Elender Robertson were:
1. Iredell Low, born 13 February 1815
2. David Low, born 1818 in Tennessee
3. William M. Low, born 14 September 1822 in Tennessee
4. Margaret A. Low, born 1848 in Tennessee

Iredell Low was born 13 February 1815 and he died 13 July 1853 in Bedford County, Tennessee.  He married Sarah ____.  Iredell is buried in the Shofner Lutheran Church cemetery in Bedford County, Tennessee.

Children of Iredell Low and Sarah ___ were:
1. Mary Low, born 1841
2. Martha E. Low, born before 1842
3. George Low, born 1847
4. William Low, born 1849
5. David Low, born after 1850
6. Sarah J. Low, born 22 March 1852, Bedford County, Tennessee
7. Margaret H. Low, born 20 November 1853

Thomas Morgan was born in March 1828 in Bedford County, Tennessee and he died 11 November 1903 in Bedford County, Tennessee.  He married Martha E. Low on 1 January 1860 in Bedford County, Tennessee.  Martha was the daughter of Iredell Low and Sarah ____.  She was born before 1842 and died before 1880.  Thomas can be found on the 1850, 1870 and 1880 Bedford County, Tennessee census'.  He can also be found on the 1900 Coffee County, Tennessee census.

Children of Thomas Morgan and Martha Low were:
1. Malissa Ellen Morgan, born 12 December 1860
2. John Thomas Morgan, born 11 September 1862, Bedford County, TN
3. Molly Morgan, born about 1864, Bedford County, Tennessee
4. Sarah Rebecca Morgan, born 10 September 1870

Walton Brixey Warren was born 15 August 1874 in Coffee County, Tennessee and died 30 June 1951 in Manchester, Coffee County, Tennessee.  He married (1) Sarah Rebecca Morgan on 23 March 1899 in Hillsboro, Coffee County, Tennessee.  She was born 10 September 1870, daughter of Thomas Morgan and Martha Low.  Sarah Rebecca died 21 February 1924 in Hillsboro, Coffee County, Tennessee.  Walton married (2) Thursie Mae Reed in November 1927.  She was born 15 June 1897  and died 6 August 1955. 

Children of Walton Brixey Warren and Sarah Rebecca Morgan were:
1. Thoma Eulies Warren, born 26 July 1900 
2. Teota Mae Warren, born 21 Noember 1901
3. Violo Christine Warren, born 22 December 1903
4. Cecil Clyde Warren, born 24 December 1906
5. Hubert Osko Warren, born 28 November 1910
6. Effierene Warren, born 17 May 1914

Carmon Waldine Anthony was born 14 March 1916 in Hillsboro, Tennessee. She married Hubert Osko Warren on 18 February 1933 in Asbury, Coffee County, Tennessee.  Hubert was the son of Walton Brixey Warren and Sarah Rebecca Morgan.  He was born 28 November 1910 in Hillsboro, Coffee County, Tennessee.  He died 20 April 1997 in Manchester, Coffee County, Tennessee.  Carmon died 22 March 2002 in Manchester, Coffee County, Tennessee. Hubert and Carmon are both buried at Rosehill Cemetery, 
Manchester, Coffee County, Tennessee.

Children of Hubert Osko Warren and Carmon Waldine Anthony are:
1. Catherine Waldine Warren, born Coffee County, TN
2. Bettie Lou Warren, born Manchester, Tennessee
3. Hubert Eugene Warren, born Manchester, Tennessee
4. Dorothy June Warren, born Manchester, Tennessee
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