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The Morey Branch

George Morey was born 1634 and died after June 1725 in Bristol, Rhode Island.  He married Hannah Lewis on January 22, 1682/83 in Bristol, RI.  She was the daughter of Thomas Lewis and Hannah Baker.  She was born February 25, 1621/22 in Lynn, MA.  She died December 1717 in Bristol, RI.

Children of George Morey and Hannah Lewis were
1. John Morey, born October 13, 1684, Bristol, RI

John Morey was born October 13, 1684 in Bristol, RI and died before September 13, 1726 in Lebannon, CT.  He married Margaret Linsford about 1707.  She was the daughter of Edward Linsford and Hannah Plumley.  She was born February 6, 1682/83 in Braintree, MA.  She married (2) Samuel Hutchisson, as found on a deed dated April 29, 1735, granting land to Linsford Morey.  She died after 1735.

Children of John Morey and Margaret Linsford were
1. Linsford Morey, born June 21, 1708, Bristol, RI
2. Ephriam Morey, born July 31, 1710, Long Island, NY
3. John Morey, born 1712

Ephriam Morey was born July 31, 1710 in Long Island, NY and died July 1, 1794 in Charlton, MA.  He married Abigail Daniels on August 3, 1737 in Smithfield, RI.  She was the daughter of Eleazer Daniels and Mary Holbrook.  She was born March 26, 1718 in Mendon, MA and died September 1775 in Charlton, MA.

Children of Ephriam Morey and Abigain Daniels were
1. Reuben Morey, born June 23, 1738 in Leicester, MA
2. Simeon Morey, born 1739
3. Zenas Morey, born 1740
4. Rosanna Morey, born 1742
5. Eleanor Morey, born December 8, 1744, Charlton, MA
6. Ephriam Morey Jr., born 1746
7. Vilane Morey, born September 9, 1749
8. Abigail Morey, born 1751
9. James Morey, born 1754
10. Moses Morey, born 1754
11. Elizabeth Morey, born 1756
12. Benoni Morey, born 1758
13. Charles Fredrick Morey, born February 5, 1761
14. Diademe Morey, born 1764

Rueben Morey was born June 23, 1738 in Leicester, MA and died June 28, 1778 in Monmouth, NJ.  He married (1) Sarah Eustice on January 31, 1761 in Charlton, MA.  she died before October 1776 in Spencer, MA.  He married (2) Elisie Nichols on October 17, 1776.

Children of Rueben Morey and Sarah Eustice were
1. Sarah Morey, born July 29, 1761, Charlton, MA
2. Israel Morey, born February 11, 1763, Charlton, MA
3. Silas Morey, born August 7, 1764, Charlton, MA
4. Nathaniel Morey, born May 28, 1766, Charlton, MA
5. Patty Morey, born 1773, Charlton, MA

Children of Rueben Morey and Elsie Nichols were
1. Abigail Morey, born 1768
2. Nuhusta Morey, born 1769

Nathaniel Morey was born May 28, 1766 in Charlton, MA and died Febrary 16, 1843 in Union, CT (?).  He married Prudence Putney December 11, 1794 in Charlton, MA.  She was the daughter of Isaiah Putney.  She was born about 1769 and died September 22, 1849 in Union, CT (?).

Children of Nathaniel Morey and Prudence Putney were
1. Resolved Waterman Morey, born 1796, Charlton, MA
2. Harvey Morey, born December 1797, Charlton, MA
3. Austin Morey, born 1801; died February 26, 1829, Union, CT
4. Warren Morey, born September 26, 1802, Union, CT
5. Sally Morey, born October 2, 1804, Union, CT
6. Lucena Morey, born April 28, 1811, Union, CT

Erastus Eastman was born in 1809 in Ashford, CT.  He married Lucena Morey on August 26, 1840 in Ashford, CT.  She was the daughter of Nathaniel Morey and Prudence Putney. She was born April 28, 1811 in Union, CT. Erastus died August 4, 1893 in Windsor, CT.

Children of Erastus Eastman and Lucena Morey were

1. Lucy Eastman, born September 26, 1832
2. Eliza Eastman, born May 17, 1836 in Eastford, CT
3. Infant, born October 24, 1836; died October 28, 1836
4. Ervin S. Eastman, born JUly 8, 1839, Ashford, CT
5. Henry Austin Eastman, born June 25, 1840 in Ashford, CT
6. Roswell Dennis Eastman, born December 19, 1843 in Ashford, CT
7. Lucy Ann Eastman, born October 9, 1845 in Ashford, CT
8. James Edward Eastman, born February 28, 1846, Ashford, CT
9, Frank Warren Eastman, born September 5, 1850 in Ashford, CT
10. Herbert Orin Eastman, born August 15, 1852 in Union, CT

Samuel Rice was born June 4, 1831 in Auburn, Massachusetts.  He married Eliza Philena Eastman on November 15, 1860.  She was the daughter of Erastus Eastman and Lucena Morey.  She was born May 17, 1836 in Eastfor, CT.  She died in 1907.  Samuel was a farmer and he died in 1911.  Both Samuel and Eliza are buried in Dwinnell Cemetery in Millbury, MA.

Children of Samuel Rice and Eliza Philena Eastman were
1. Oliph W. Rice, born October 29, 1861 in Westford, CT
2. George Comfort Rice, born May 17, 1863, Auburn, MA
3. William C.B. Rice, born June 28, 1865, Oxford, CT
4. Cora C. Rice, born April 13, 1867, Oxford, CT
5. Ossian H. Rice, born 1868, Millbury, MA
6. Daisy Lucindy Rice, born June 15, 1871, Millbury, MA

George Comfort Rice was born May 17, 1863 in Auburn, MA.  He married Clara Elizabeth Norton, daughter of Henry Norton and Nancy Barton in 1897 in Providence, RI.  She was born May 29, 1866 in Chicago, Illinois.  She died October 19, 1934 in Worcester, MA.  George was a machinist for Reed & Prince Company.  He was a bicycling enthusiast, having won many medals and trophies.  George died June 1, 1940 in Millbury, MA.  George and Clara are both buried in the Hope Cemetery, Worcester, MA.

Children of George Comfort Rice and Clara Norton were
1. Harry Chester Rice, born February 25, 1899, Worcester, MA
2. Everett Linwood Rice, born August 28, 1903, Worcester, MA
3. Grace Marian Rice, born December 18, 1905, Worcester, MA

Lillian Mae Hunter was born October 2, 1902 in Gardner, MA.  She married Harry Chester Rice on November 25, 1926 in Gardner, MA.  Harry was the son of George Rice and Clara Norton. He was born February 25, 1899 in Worcester, Worcester County, MA.  Harry served in WWI, WWII, and the Korean Conflict. During WWI, Harry was a second class radio operator onboard the USS Cohassett. He switched over to the Army Air Force as a 1st Lieutenant when WWII broke out.  He spent time in the European Theater and participated in the D-Day invasion of Normandy. His duties were in communications with the Ninth Air Force serving in England, Italy, southern France and North Africa.  Harry died on September 8, 1966 in Smyrna, Tennessee.  Lillian married (2) Leo Drake, Sr. on September 5, 1969.  Leo was the son of Julius Drake and Laura Allen.  Leo was born February 29, 1892 and died February 18, 1979 in Smyrna, Tennessee.  Lillian died November 30, 1989 in Tullahoma, Tennessee.  Harry and Lillian are buried in Green Bower Cemetery, Gardner, MA.  Leo Drake is buried at Rosehill Cemetery, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Children of Harry Chester Rice and Lillian Mae Hunter are
1. Harry Chester Rice, Jr.
2. Warren Ellsworth Rice
3. Marilyn Annalee Rice
4. Roberta Jean Rice
5. Stephen Howard Rice

Lawrence James Nee was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He married Marilyn Annalee Rice in Gardner, MA.  Marilyn was born in Gardner, MA. She is the daughter of Harry Chester Rice and Lillian Mae Hunter of Gardner, MA.  Larry was a reporter for the Gardner News and when they moved from Massachusetts to Tennessee, Larry got a job at the Tullahoma News as a reporter and photographer. 

Children of Lawrence Nee and Marilyn Rice are
1. Lawrence James Nee, Jr.
2. Roberta Jean Nee
3. Kevin Michael Nee
4. Scot Anthony Nee
5. Sharon Kaye Nee
6. Christopher Dale Nee
7. Mary Lynn Nee

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