The Nee Tree
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The Nee Branch

Patrick Nee was born in County Galway, Ireland and died October 2, 1918 of bronchial pneumonia in South Boston, Massachusetts.  He married Delia O'Flaherty.  She was born in County Galway, Ireland. Patrick was a laborer.  Patrick is buried at the New Calvary Cemetery, Boston, MA.

Child of Patrick Nee and Delia O'Flaherty  was
1. Patrick Francis Nee, born 1871, An Ard, County Galway, Ireland.

Patrick Francis Nee was born in 1871 in An Ard, County Galway, Ireland.  He married Barbara Ellen Blake on May 21, 1893 in Boston, Massachusetts.  Barbara was the daughter of John Blake and Mary Lee.  She was born May 8, 1876 in County Galway, Ireland.  She died October 29, 1927 in Boston, Massachusetts.  Patrick was a hod carrier and worked filling in the "Back Bay area in the Beacon Street area.  He suffered a back injury moving a rock and never recovered from it. He ended up in a sanitarium. Barbara divorced him at this point and married John "Pony" Moore.  Patrick is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Mattapan, Massachusetts, while Barbara is buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery in West Roxbury, Massachusetts.

Children of Patrick Nee and Barbara Blake were
1. Michael J. Nee, born February 13, 1894, Boston, Massachusetts
2. John A. Nee, born December 5, 1895, Boston, Massachusetts
3. Lawrence James Nee, born June 22, 1898, Hamden, CT
4. Patrick Francis Nee, born March 15, 1901, Boston, Massachusetts
5. Mary B. Nee, born 1903; died November 9, 1959, Boston, Massachusetts
6. Nora B. Nee, born December 28, 1903, died May 13, 1978, Boston, MA
7. Martin George Nee, born July 8, 1906, Boston, Massachusetts

Children of John Moore and Barbara Blake were
1. Ruth A. Moore, born November 11, 1912, Boston, Massachusetts

Patrick Francis Nee was born March 15, 1901 in South Boston, Massachusetts.  He married Veronica Marie "Patricia" Kelly on September 11, 1922 in Gardner, MA.  Veronica was the daughter of John B. Kelly and Mary Moore. Veronica was born November 5, 1900 in Gardner, Massachusetts.  Patrick was a pipe coverer and was living at 12 Brown Terrace, Boston when he died. Patrick died March 18, 1943 in Boston, Massachusetts and is buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery, Boston, MA.  Veronica divorced Patrick June 25, 1927.  Veronica died in Lynchburg, Moore County, Tennessee on November 20, 1995.  Veronica is buried with her family in St. John's Cemetery, Gardner, MA.

Children of Patrick Nee and Veronica Kelly were
1. Patrick Nee, Jr.
2. Francis Nee  (see more photos)
3. Gerald Nee
      4. Lawrence James Nee
5. Eugene Peter 

Lawrence James Nee was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He married Marilyn Annalee Rice in Gardner, MA.  Marilyn was born in Gardner, MA. She is the daughter of Harry Chester Rice and Lillian Mae Hunter of Gardner, MA.  Larry was a reporter for the Gardner News and when they moved from Massachusetts to Tennessee, Larry got a job at the Tullahoma News as a reporter and photographer. 

Children of Lawrence Nee and Marilyn Rice are
1. Lawrence James Nee, Jr.
2. Roberta Jean Nee
3. Kevin Michael Nee
4. Scot Anthony Nee
5. Sharon Kaye Nee
6. Christopher Dale Nee
7. Mary Lynn Nee
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