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The Rice Branch

Deacon Edmund Rice was born in 1594 in Barkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England.  He Married (1) Thomasine/Tamazine Frost on October 15, 1618 in St. Mary's Bury, St. Edmund, Suffolk, England.  Tamazine was the daughter of Edward Frost and Thomasine Belgrave.  She was born on August 10, 1600 in Stanstead, Suffolk, England and she died June 13, 1654 in Sudbury, Massachusetts.  Edmund married (2) Mercy Hurd on March 1, 1654/55 in Marlboro, MA, widow of Thomas Brigham.  She was born in 1618 in England and she died December 23, 1693 in Marlboro, MA.  Deacon Edmund Rice and his family were one of the earliest settlers of Sudbury, MA. He was one of the original petitioners for the Marlborough Grant in 1656 and he received a grant there. Edmund died in Marlboro in 1663 at the age of 69 years old.

Children of Deacon Edmund Rice and Tamazine Frost were
1. Mary Rice, born August 23, 1619, Stanstead, England
2. Henry Rice, born February 13, 1620/21, Stanstead, England
3. Edward Rice, born October 20, 1622, Stanstead, England
4. Thomas Rice, born January 26, 1625/26, Stanstead, England
5. Lydia Rice, born March 9, 1626/27,  Berkhamstead, England
6. Mathew Rice, born February 28, 1628/29, Berkhamstead, England
7. Daniel Rice, born November 1, 1632, Berkhamstead, England
8. Samuel Rice, born November 12, 1634, Berkhamstead, England
9. Joseph Rice, born March 13, 1636/37, Berkhamstead, England
10. Benjamin Rice, born May 31, 1640, Sudbury, Massachusetts

Children of Deacon Edmund Rice and Mercy Hurd were
1. Lydia Ann Rice, born about November 19, 1657, Sudbury, MA
2. Ruth Rice, born September 29, 1659, Sudbury, MA

Thomas Rice was born January 26, 1625/26 in Stanstead, Suffolk, England.  He married Mary King, daughter of Thomas King and Anne Collins about 1650 in Sudbury, MA.  She was born February 22, 1629/30 in Shaston, Dorset, England.  Mary died March 2, 1713/14 in Sudbury, MA.  Thomas moved to Marlboro, became a propriator, and remained there until his death. Thomas died November 16, 1681.

Children of Thomas Rice and Mary King were
1. Grace Rice, born in Sudbury
2. Thomas Rice, born June 30, 1654, Sudbury, MA
3. Mary Rice, born September 4, 1656, Sudbury, MA
4. Peter Rice (Captain), born October 24, 1658, Sudbury, MA
5. Nathaniel Rice, born January 3, 1650/60, Sudbury, MA
6. Sarah Rice, born January 15, 1661/62, Sudbury, MA
7. Ephraim Rice, born April 15, 1665, Marlboro, MA
8. Gershom Rice, born May 9, 1667, Marlboro, MA
9. James Rice, born March 6, 1668/69, Marlboro, MA
10. Frances Rice, born February 3, 1669/70, Marlboro, MA
11. Jonas Rice, born March 6, 1671/72, Marlboro, MA
12. Grace Rice, born January 15, 1674/75, Marlboro, MA
13. Elisha Rice, born December 4, 1679, Sudbury, MA

Gershom Rice was born May 9, 1667 in Marlboro, Massachusetts.  He married Elizabeth Balcom, daughter of Henry Balcom and Elizabeth Haynes. She was born August 16, 1672 and died about 1752.  Gershom moved to Groton, CT before 1698.  From Groton, he moved to Marlboro, MA and then on to Worcester, MA.  His brother, Jonas, became the 1st permanent settler of the third settlement of Worcester.  Gershom moved there the following year and became the second settler of Worcester, receiving a land grant of 80 acres in 1718.  The first worship services were held in Gershom's home in 1736.  He built his home on Pakachoag Hill (now the site of Holy Cross College).  He is also credited with planting the first orchards in Worcester. Gershom died while living on Bancroft Street in Auburn, MA on December 19, 1761 at the age of 101 years, seven months, and 10 days.

Children of Gershom Rice and Elizabeth Balcom were
1. Gershom Rice, Jr., born about 1696, Worcester, MA
2. Elizabeth Rice, born October 20, 1698, Groton, CT
3. Abishai Rice, born October 15, 1701, Groton, CT
4. Sarah Rice, born February 9, 1702/03, Groton, CT
5. Mathias Rice, born January 26, 1706/07, Groton, CT
6. Ruth Rice, born April 11, 1710, Groton, CT

Gershom Rice, Jr. was born about 1696 in Worcester, Worcester County, MA.  He married Ester Haynes in 1720 in Sudbury, MA.  She was born about 1679 and she died on August 16, 1770 in Worcester, MA.  Gershom, Jr. was the second Rice family to live on the Rice homestead. From 1736 when the homestead house was built, five generations of Rice's lived in the house for a total of 152 years. Thirty one children were born in that house by the name of Rice.  Gershom served in the Continental Militia in 1775 and 1 turn in the Continental Army in 1776.  He was a Lieutenant per his gravestone epitaph.  Gershom died at the age of 85, September 24, 1781.  Gershom and Esther Rice are both buried at the Worcester Commons.

Children of Gershom Rice and Esther Haynes were
1. Elizabeth Rice, born March 31, 1721, died August 29, 1723
2. Darius Rice, born June 23, 1723, died September 20, 1723
3. Keziah Rice, born September 15, 1724, died August 23, 1728
4. Elizabeth Rice, born Febrary 21, 1726, died 1814
5. Comfort Rice, born August 10, 1729, died August 1816
6. Darius Rice, born March 21, 1730, died September 19, 1741
7. Keziah Rice, born June 14, 1734, Worcester, Worcester County, MA
8. Gershom Rice, born 1736, Worcester, Worcester County, MA
9. Peter Rice, born March 31, 1739, died October 16, 1741

Comfort Rice was born August 10, 1729 in Worcester, Worcester County, MA.  He married Martha Morris, daughter of Edward Morris and Bethia Peake.  She was born April 4, 1731 in Woodstock, CT.  She died June 14, 1812 in Auburn, MA.  Comfort took part in the Revolutionary War, commissioned at a Lieutenant.  Comfort died August, 1816.

Children of Comfort Rice and Martha Morris were
1. Esther Rice, born December 29, 1755
2. Jonathan Rice, born July 24, 1757 and died April 22, 1759
3. Mary Rice, born February 27, 1761
4. Nancy Rice, born October 27, 1762, Worcester, MA
5. Jonathan Rice, born March 7, 1764
6. Darius Rice, born November 2, 1766, Worcester, MA
7. Betsy Rice, born May 27, 1768
8. Peter Rice, born July 22, 1771, Worcester, MA
9. Edward Rice, born March 27, 1773
10. Martha Rice, born July 14, 1777

Darius Rice wsa born November 2, 1766 in Worcester, Worcester County, MA.  He married Anna Stevens.  She was born in Auburn and she died June 26, 1824 in Millbury, MA.  After they married, they removed to Barre, VT, where Darius died.  Anna then married Joseph Bancroft of Millbury.  Anna Rice Bancroft and her second husband, Joseph are buried in the Dwinnell Cemetery in Millbury, MA.

Children of Darius Rice and Anna Stevens were
1. Nancy Rice, born October 7, 1790, Petersham, MA
2. Clark Rice, born April 2, 1794, Petersham, MA
3. Chester Rice, born May 31, 1796, Auburn, MA
4. Comfort Rice, born May 11, 1798, Worcester, MA
5. Darius Rice, born July 29, 1900

Comfort Rice was born May 11, 1798 in Worcester, Worcester County, MA.  He married Lucinda Wood on January 4, 1824 in Northbridge, MA.  She was the daughter of Emory Wood and Patience Wood.  Lucinda was born in 1798 in Uxbridge, MA and died May 10, 1871.  Comfort died September 9, 1869.  Both Comfort and Lucinda are buried in Dwinnell Cemetery in Millbury, MA.

Children of Comfort Rice and Lucinda Wood
1. James Austin Rice, born September 21, 1824, Auburn, MA
2. Malinda Ann Rice, born June 25, 1826, Auburn, MA
3. William Chester Rice, born December 28, 1830, Auburn, MA
4. Samuel Rice, born June 4, 1831, Auburn, MA
5. Aldin Rice, born December 10, 1832, Auburn, MA
6. Rufus Rice, born February 19, 1934, Auburn, MA
7. John J. Rice, born November 15, 1836, Auburn, MA
8. Sarah Mariah Rice, born August 20, 1839, Auburn, MA
9. Mary Anne Rice, born January 8, 1845, Auburn, MA

Samuel Rice was born June 4, 1831 in Auburn, Massachusetts.  He married Eliza Philena Eastman on November 15, 1860.  She was the daughter of Erastus Eastman and Lucena Morey.  She was born May 17, 1836 in Eastfor, CT.  She died in 1907.  Samuel was a farmer and he died in 1911.  Both Samuel and Eliza are buried in Dwinnell Cemetery in Millbury, MA.

Children of Samuel Rice and Eliza Philena Eastman were
1. Oliph W. Rice, born October 29, 1861 in Westford, CT
2. George Comfort Rice, born May 17, 1863, Auburn, MA
3. William C.B. Rice, born June 28, 1865, Oxford, CT
4. Cora C. Rice, born April 13, 1867, Oxford, CT
5. Ossian H. Rice, born 1868, Millbury, MA
6. Daisy Lucindy Rice, born June 15, 1871, Millbury, MA

George Comfort Rice was born May 17, 1863 in Auburn, MA.  He married Clara Elizabeth Norton, daughter of Henry Norton and Nancy Barton in 1897 in Providence, RI.  She was born May 29, 1866 in Chicago, Illinois.  She died October 19, 1934 in Worcester, MA.  George was a machinist for Reed & Prince Company.  He was a bicycling enthusiast, having won many medals and trophies.  George died June 1, 1940 in Millbury, MA.  George and Clara are both buried in the Hope Cemetery, Worcester, MA.

Children of George Comfort Rice and Clara Norton were
1. Harry Chester Rice, born February 25, 1899, Worcester, MA
2. Everett Linwood Rice, born August 28, 1903, Worcester, MA
3. Grace Marian Rice, born December 18, 1905, Worcester, MA

Lillian Mae Hunter was born October 2, 1902 in Gardner, MA.  She married Harry Chester Rice on November 25, 1926 in Gardner, MA.  Harry was the son of George Rice and Clara Norton. He was born February 25, 1899 in Worcester, Worcester County, MA.  Harry served in WWI, WWII, and the Korean Conflict. During WWI, Harry was a second class radio operator onboard the USS Cohassett. He switched over to the Army Air Force as a 1st Lieutenant when WWII broke out.  He spent time in the European Theater and participated in the D-Day invasion of Normandy. His duties were in communications with the Ninth Air Force serving in England, Italy, southern France and North Africa.  Harry died on September 8, 1966 in Smyrna, Tennessee.  Lillian married (2) Leo Drake, Sr. on September 5, 1969.  Leo was the son of Julius Drake and Laura Allen.  Leo was born February 29, 1892 and died February 18, 1979 in Smyrna, Tennessee.  Lillian died November 30, 1989 in Tullahoma, Coffee County, Tennessee.  Harry and Lillian are buried in Green Bower Cemetery, Gardner, MA.  Leo Drake is buried at Rosehill Cemetery, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Children of Harry Chester Rice and Lillian Mae Hunter are
1. Harry Chester Rice, Jr.
2. Warren Ellsworth Rice
3. Marilyn Annalee Rice
4. Roberta Jean Rice
5. Stephen Howard Rice

Lawrence James Nee was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He married Marilyn Annalee Rice in Gardner, MA.  Marilyn was born in Gardner, MA. She is the daughter of Harry Chester Rice and Lillian Mae Hunter of Gardner, MA.  Larry was a reporter for the Gardner News and when they moved from Massachusetts to Tennessee, Larry got a job at the Tullahoma News as a reporter and photographer. 

Children of Lawrence Nee and Marilyn Rice are
1. Lawrence James Nee, Jr.
2. Roberta Jean Nee
3. Kevin Michael Nee
4. Scot Anthony Nee
5. Sharon Kaye Nee
6. Christopher Dale Nee
7. Mary Lynn Nee
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