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The Winton Branch

William Winton was born in Ireland.  He married Betsey ____.  Tradition says that William met Betsey on the boat coming to America. They lived in Pennsylvania and Virginia prior to settling in Tennessee, having children born in Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Children of William Winton and Betsey ____ were:
1. William Winton
2. John Winton, born 7 November 1761, Virginia
3. McCellon Winton, born 1765
4. Margaret Winton, born 1767
5. Robert Winton, born 1777, Pennsylvania
6. Stephen Winton, born 7 November 1779, Pennsylvania
7. James Winton, born 1781
8. George Winton, born 1782, Virginia

James Winton was born 1781 and died 1833 in Warren County, Tennessee.  He married Cynthia Sukey Copeland.  She was born in 1775 in Tennessee.  Per James' will, his property was to be divided between his sons (Stephen, John and James, also Jesse Wooten and James Burress, apparently these two men were his sons-in-laws).

Children of James Winton and Cynthia Sukey Copeland were:
1. James Winton, born 1801
2. Stephen Winton
3. John Winton
4. James Winton
5. daughter (?)
6. daughter (?)

James Winton was born 1801 and died 16 August 1896.  He married (1) Nancy Johnson.  She was born 1795 in Tennessee and she died 1850 in Tennessee.  James then married (2) Elizabeth Hawk Purcell.  She had two daughters, Luticia Jane and Mary.  On 16 April 1873 James asked for and received a divorce proving Elizabeth was guilty of "adultry and elopement with a Mr. Adams." He married (3) Mrs. Sarah (Sally) Myers on 22 October 1888. His son, John, tried to prove him insane, but failed.  He died at the home of his son, John at the age of 95.

Children of James Winton and Nancy Johnson were:
1. Susan Winton, born 1825
2. John Lakin Winton, born 14 December 1827
3. Stephen Winton, born 1829
4. Anderson Winton, born 27 December 1830
5. James Richard Winton, born 1833
6. Nancy Winton, born 1834
7. Jesse Winton, born 1836
8. Mary Winton, born 6 February 1839

Children of James Winton and Elizabeth Hawk Purcell were:
1. Fannie Winton, married James Reed
2. Delphia Winton, married Elzberry Wooten
3. Martha Winton, married James Crownover

James Rhea born 30 March 1833 in Grundy County, Tennessee and died 15 April 1912 in Morrison, Warren County, Tennessee.  He married Mary Winton on 7 November 1859 in Grundy County, Tennessee.  Mary was the daughter of Jim (James) Winton and Nancy Johnson.  She was born about 1830 in Tennessee.  James can be found on the 1850, 1860, 1870 Grundy County, Tennessee census', and the 1880 and 1910 Coffee County, Tennessee census'.  James and Mary Rhea are buried at the Wesley Chapel Church cemetery in Coffee County, Tennessee.

Children of James Rhea and Mary Winton were:
1. Ellen Rhea, born about 1856
2. Elizabeth Rhea, born 6 October 1858, Hubbard's Cove, Grundy County, Tennessee
3. Martha Ann Rhea, born 18 April 1861, Grundy County, Tennessee
4. Josephine Rhea, born about 1865
5. Jonathan Rhea, born 10 December 1866, Grundy County, Tennessee
6. Jessie Rhea, born 4 November 1868, Grundy County, Tennessee
7. Mary Chester Rhea, born 10 January 1870, Grundy County, Tennessee
8. James Rhea, Jr., born 16 March 1874, Grundy County, Tennessee
9. Mack Rhea, born 4 April 1876, Grundy County, Tennessee
10. Cleo Rhea, born 1878, Grundy County, Tennessee
11. William M. Rhea, born 28 Mary 1880, Grundy County, Tennessee

George Washington Anthony was born 23 December 1855 in Lincoln County, Tennessee. He married Martha Ann Rhea on 18 November 1880 in Coffee County, Tennessee.  She was born 18 April 1861, daughter of James Rhea and Mary Winton.  She died 31 December 1935 Manchester, Coffee County, Tennessee.  George died 28 December 1937 in Manchester, Coffee County, Tennessee.  George and Martha are buried in the Wesley Chapel Church Cemetery, Coffee County, Tennessee.

Children of George Washington Anthony and Martha Rhea were:
1. Albert L. Anthony, born 21 September 1883, Grundy County, Tennessee
2. Marcus Luther Anthony, born 19 April 1885, Grundy County, Tennessee
3. Paul Alfred Anthony, born 4 August 1887, Grundy County, Tennessee
4. Sarah Jane Anthony, born 27 November 1888, Grundy County, TN
5. James Amzi Anthony, born 29 December 1889, Grundy County, TN
6. Alka Lenora Anthony, born 12 December 1891
7. Flora A. Anthony, born 22 June 1894, Grundy County, Tennessee
8. Maude Lou Anthony, born 14 December 1896, Coffee County, TN

Maude Lou Anthony was born 14 December 1896 in Coffee County, Tennesee and died 26 December 1952.  She had a daughter with Unknown and then married Isaac Marion Green on 24 December 1925.  Isaac was born 16 January 1890 in McMinnville, Warren County, Tennessee.  He died 10 January 1963.  

Children of Unknown and Maude Lou Anthony were:
    1. Carmon Waldine Anthony, born 14 March 1916, Hillsboro, Coffee County, Tennessee

Children of Isaac Marion Green and Maude Lou Anthony were:
1. Wanda Mae Green
2. Docia Francis Green

Carmon Waldine Anthony was born 14 March 1916 in Hillsboro, Tennessee. She married Hubert Osko Warren on 18 February 1933 in Asbury, Coffee County, Tennessee.  Hubert was the son of Walton Brixey Warren and Sarah Rebecca Morgan.  He was born 28 November 1910 in Hillsboro, Coffee County, Tennessee.  He died 20 April 1997 in Manchester, Coffee County, Tennessee.  Carmon died 22 March 2002 in Manchester, Coffee County, Tennessee.  Both Hubert and Carmon are buried at Rosehill Cemetery, Manchester, Coffee County, Tennessee.

Children of Hubert Osko Warren and Carmon Waldine Anthony are:
1. Catherine Waldine Warren, born Coffee County, TN
2. Bettie Lou Warren, born Manchester, Tennessee
3. Hubert Eugene Warren, born Manchester, Tennessee
4. Dorothy June Warren, born Manchester, Tennessee
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